Computational Geomechanics Laboratory

The Computational Geomechanics Laboratory at the Colorado School of Mines aims to advance understanding and develop practical solutions in the fields of rock mechanics and engineering geology.


    The field of rock engineering has undergone enormous change in the past few decades, and we are currently in the middle of a digital transformation. The computer age is allowing us to revolutionize the ways we think about rock engineering tasks that have in the past been highly subjective, inexact, and labor-intensive.

    Our mission in the Geomechanics Group is to integrate the latest advances in technology, including powerful numerical models, 3-D scanning, computer vision, and geostatistics, with geomechanics data and knowledge to advance the fields of rock mechanics and engineering geology.

    Please visit the Research page to find out more about our current and previous research activities and publications.

    Visit the Team Members page to get to know the current and former laboratory group researchers. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining the group.


    08/22 – Congratulations to Nataly for successfully defending her Masters thesis!

    04/22 – Congratulations to Adam for successfully defending his Masters thesis!

    04/22 – Congratulations to Ella for winning 1st prize in the Materials Science and Mechanics poster session at the GRADS research symposium.

    04/22 – Congratulations to Akash for winning the People’s Choice award for his poster at the GRADS research symposium.

    03/22 – Congratulations to Akash for passing his comprehensive exams!

    03/22 The Computational Geomechanics Group sweeps the GE/GP Research Fair poster competition, with wins in all four categories with eligible entrants. Congratulations to Cam, Adam, Akash, and Ella!

    03/22 – Congratulations to Akash for getting 3rd place out of 30+ entrants in the SME Annual Graduate Student Poster Contest 2022!

    12/21 – Congratulations to Ella for passing her comprehensive exams!

    08/21 – Congratulations to Rahel and Brian for successfully defending their Masters theses!

    06/21 – Congratulations to Adam for winning the Best Presentation Award at this year’s American Rock Mechanics Symposium!

    06/21 – Congratulations to Heather for winning the American Rock Mechanics Association’s 2021 Masters Thesis Award!

    04/21 – Congratulations to Luke and Rami for successfully defending their doctoral dissertations!

    04/21 – Congratulations to Adam and Ella for first place wins in the GRADS Earth Science oral session and the Computation poster session, respectively.

    10/20 – Dr. Walton’s invited Keynote talk for Sweden’s online Bergdagarna conference is now posted here

    08/20 – Congratulations to Heather (MSc) and Sankhaneel (PhD) for successfully defending their theses!

    08/20 – Congratulations to Rami for passing his comprehensive exams!

    07/20 – Dr. Walton’s invited paper for Sweden’s National Rock Mechanics Day is now available here

    06/20 – Congratulations to Luke for passing his comprehensive exams!

    03/20 – Congratulations to Brian for winning the Geological Engineering division of the GE Department Student Research Fair!

    01/20 – Congratulations to Carlos for successfully defending his Master’s thesis!

    11/19 – Congratulations to John for being given a Best Paper Award for his submission to the TBMDiGs conference